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5 best egg recipes

Scrambled eggs with caramalised onions This is a personal recipe of mine. It has a similar taste to a quiche. It is very healthy because I dont put oil on, the caramalised onion acts as it with the flavour. poached egg and avacado on toast This is one of my favourites. The Summer is avacado …


We’ve found 5 airbnb’s in Copenhagen for fashion week next year


Is Kardashian Kloset the future?

The kardashians are one of the most famous and influential familys in the world. The kardashians cousin Cici Bussey has recently started a company selling the kardashians old clothes for a lot of money. Some examples could be this Stella Mccartney red dress that kris jenner wore for £950 . Although everything on the website …

body Equality

Body positivity is important!

Why is body positivity important? Body positivity is a very important topic that isn’t highlighted enough. The pressures of today’s society are not okay. People think that you have to be thin to look good and there is not always enough self love. This is wrong. 9% of the U.S. population suffer from eating disorders. …