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What watch should you wear

Watches are one of the most used accessory ever. It is a fashion necessity, but again it is something that you need an expensive one to be good. Wealth is one of the most needed thing in life that most people don’t have. But to try and have wealth you need to have fashion in …


Were are all the celebritys living?

Were are all the A-listers living you may be wondering? You may think hollywood, thats were they became famous right? Well you’re wrong! Most celebrity’s start their fame in hollywood, make millions, and then they move to the most luxury place on earth… MONACO!!!! You may or may not be surprised, but if you don’t …


What cars are fashionable

Cars were once created as a vehicle to help people get around town and stop people from doing as much walking. When cars were first invented, they probably didn’t think about what car would look best with my outfit but time changes. In todays society, there are so many different cars it is hard to …


Valentines day gifts

Valentines day is one of the most celebrated festival in the world. This is simply because it isn’t a religious event. What I don’t understand is the fact that people think valentines day is just for boyfriends/ girlfriends wives/husbands but its not. Its just for people you love. At Favoloso, we would like to help …