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We’ve found 5 airbnb’s in Copenhagen for fashion week next year

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✌🏻✌🏿We’ve found 5 air bnb’s in milan for the summer✌🏻✌🏿

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🥗3 best diets to go on🥒

1.slimming world Slimming world is good, because it isn’t just about loosing weight, its also about what is better for your health. Slimming world is good, because in supermarkets, you can get slimming-world ready-meals that are tasty and healthy. 2. Mediterranean diet The mediterranean diet is my favourite of all of them, because I love …


4 ways crystals can help boost your mind

anxiety with amethyst – A natural tranquilliser, amethyst is the perfect crystal to calm anxiety. To truly benefit from its soothing powers, try meditating or having a relaxing bath with amethyst nearby. fear with labradorite – This dark crystal is the perfect crystal to fight fear and insecurity. loneliness with rose quartz – Open your …