🎮 How the sims 4 has been linked with fashion 🎮

The Sims franchise is one of the most successful life-style video games. It has been around since the Sims 1, which aired in 2000. It has not been linked with fashion very much throughout its 20th anniversary it just celebrated.

1. We will start it by saying, the Sims community / EA games, did a partnership in an expansion pack celebrating NYFW21. It has been a hit pack at the sims 4.

2. Its partnership with mac cosmetics

the sims 4 loves doing partnerships with big fashion companies. But this one is with a cosmetics company. It has also talked about having diversity in the sims 4 cas (create a sim). So it had a unisex makeup line with mac cosmetics. MAC cosmetics have also said ‘Finally, your Sims can wear M·A·C too! We’ve joined forces with The Sims to become the first-ever makeup brand available in the game. Head over to Create-A-Sim mode on Sims 4 and give your Sims a free MAC-over using some of these iconic products and shades. In-game glam designed by Director of Makeup Artistry, Romero Jennings.’ sims

3. Its pack on sustainability with sustanable, organic clothing

Eco lifestyle came out on June 5th 2020 and it focuses on eco-friendlyness and how we can change the world. When you first open it, it is filled with dirt and litter, and then your sim will become eco-friendly with things like dumpster diving and reusing, or using grass roves or even using candles instead of electricity. You are probably wondering, what does that have to do with fashion, but it is the eco-friendly, all organic cas (create a sim) options that come in the pack.