Sustainability in fashion

Sustainability is a big thing in the future especially to young people and it is important in fashion today to have young people interested in your product. Now that doesn’t mean you need to wear a plastic bottle but you could wear 2nd hand denim.

Now I’m gonna be honest when I say, I dont like 2nd hand things because they will never feel yours and they feel cheap although alot of my generation (z) do. And what we will be focusing on is sustainability in luxury fashion. E.G., selfridges have been working with a new designer called ‘project earth edit’. It is a luxury eco friendly luxury fashion house. there is some more information on it.

“Now more than ever we must double down on our efforts to reinvent retail with sustainability at its heart and a way of working which is regenerative for humans and nature. Achieving our ambitions won’t be easy, but we are in a unique position to be able to work with our team members, partners and customers to co-create change and explore possibilities for a sustainable future”.

Alannah Weston, Selfridges Group Chairman

They don’t just do eco-friendly, organic clothes but also do repair on luxury designs and re-sell them. If you think thats it, its not. Every label at selfridges is recycled paper and they look to work with luxury brands to produce luxury, eco labels.

Another thing that has not yet been discussed is T.K maxx or TJ maxx. It is not reconised but yet at the same time, it is putting unsold luxury items to be resold for cheaper instead of wasting it and throwing it away. Although, arguably, it could be more moral to give it to people who can not afford proper clothes in poorer areas.

My third and last point is on season 1 of netflixs ‘ next in fashion’ reality show one of the designers uses all the scraps of denim and uses it to make a luxury outfit.

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