The in style – What’s in fashion 2021?

2021 is a brand new year, with a brand new style. Everything that trends in todays society has to come to an end at one stage or another. That isn’t bad though! New style, new trend, new year!

So what is in fashion for 2021? After doing lots of research on this subject here is my list!

Black face masks – when covid first broke, it wasn’t something you think would be linked to fashion, but thats were your wrong. When covid first broke everyone had blue surgical masks. That was so 2020. A colourful mask again is in a way fashionable but logistically you need something that would go with all your clothes. tom ford face mask

The in style - black face mask PrettyLittleThing's bizarre dress with built-in FACE MASK sells out in 24  hours with fans saying it's peak 2020 fashion

Kimonos have been popular in places like china and japan for years but are currently becoming a global trend.

Modest Orange Tasseled Fashionable Yellow Kimono by STORE WF | INNERMOD

The colour yellow – Yellow is a very popular colour this year. It goes with so many different unique, eccentric styles. You could have it as a street wear, or you could have it as a cottage core style. Since 2021, I bought myself a yellow wooly hat, and it has gone very well with the colour red!

Spring/Summer 2019 Yellow Trend–Beyond the Trend: Sunshine Yellow

This is my top list of most fashionable things to wear 2021! au revoir