What cars are fashionable

Cars were once created as a vehicle to help people get around town and stop people from doing as much walking. When cars were first invented, they probably didn’t think about what car would look best with my outfit but time changes.

In todays society, there are so many different cars it is hard to choose. The whole world evolves around one thing, wealth and social. No one is gonna care about if you are wearing a really nice outfit from Primark. People care about how expensive your piece of clothing is and if it designer. Its the same with cars.

If you drive around in a Lamborghini, people are more likely to think your fashionable than if you drive a mini. In 2021, the signature colour is yellow, but not for cars, this year red cars are very fashionable. If you can’t afford a sports car, and you need a fashionable car you can get a car in red and it automatically looks more expensive than in green for example.

Another trendy car in 2021 is vintage cars like a beetle. Especially in red!